lapis lazuli wrap ring
lapis lazuli wrap ring
lapis lazuli wrap ring
lapis lazuli wrap ring
lapis lazuli wrap ring

lapis lazuli wrap ring

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Minimalist gold and lapis lazuli wrap ring!

Simple yet modern ring with thin gold band, round blue lapis lazuli stone and small cubic zirconia stone.

Perfect ring to give as a gift because it is ONE SIZE FITS ALL!

Our jewelry is perfect for sensitive skin and will NEVER turn your skin green... even when you wear it in the shower, pool, etc!

Gemstones are products of nature. Therefore, variations in color, pattern, texture, and veining should be expected and celebrated for each piece’s unique, one-of-a-kind beauty. Due to this, purchaser acknowledges that the purchased stone may vary in color, pattern, texture, etc from the stone in the pictures shown.

Our mission is providing high quality jewelry at lower prices so that women can have extensive jewelry collections while saving some money to support their lives (raising children, opening their own businesses, etc.)

Because this is our philosophy, we searched for high quality stone suppliers and asked to use some of their lower quality stones that would normally be discarded and either dye them to be a bit more brilliant or use them as is.

This allows for 2 great outcomes:
1. Our customers get REAL natural stones that are gorgeous at a fraction of the cost
2. We utilize natural stones that would normally be discarded (supporting another mission of ours to be extremely eco-friendly.)

We could use other more expensive natural stones and charge 4x-7x the price, but we prefer to offer great jewelry to women at a fraction of the price so that everyone has access to the jewelry collection of their dreams, not just women with a lot of disposable income.

All orders from Minor Metal come on our logo cards and in white organza bags…perfectly wrapped to give as a gift!

To honor our commitment to being an eco-friendly small business, we ship orders without paper invoices.

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